Round 2 Results
As Ghi's prayer goes up the orc on the right steps into the mist and swings around at where Nile had retreated to before. Niles is able to sneak out behind it and strike it in the back, dropping the orc warrior into the fog as it begins dying. Sidar's bolt misses the orc and hits a tree instead.

Sebastion deals a heavy blow to his orc and Rand's arrow plants itself firmly in the throat of the now dead orc scout. The remaining orc roars and swings at Sebastion but misses with its falchion.

Round 3

Orc 1 is now dying. And the Scout is dead.

20 - Ghi
11 - Niles
11 - Sebastion
10 - Rand
5 - Mozae
4 - Orc2