New Race: Alot

Homeworld: The Alot as a race have no homeworld, most are content to live our their lives wherever they come into being. Some however travel from universe to universe.
Description: It isn't really known what Alot are. It is known that they are sentient quadripeds that are around four to five feet tall when on all four legs and around nine feet tall when standing on two. Their natural form is very furry with two eyes, two small horns, and a large mouth filled with hundreds of different shaped and sized teeth. What exactly they're made of can change but they always take the same general shape.
History: According to legend the first Alot was created by a sorceress that was "150% Purposefull Exaggeration" Since then they have spread from world to world appearing with no knowledge of how they were created. All they have is their powers, the knowledge of how to use them, and the knowledge of the main language of the world they start in.
Abilities: All Alot have two main abilities. The ability to change their form and the ability to teleport. The ability to teleport is limited to the location where either Alot or the Alot's name has been mentioned within the last five minutes.
With a thought an Alot can change it's composition to that of a large quantity of any item or organism it chooses. This changes the Alot on an atomic level, generally removing the need for air or sustenence unless the things it is made up of require such things.