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Thanks for the compliment! I think the best way to categorize these monsters would be as follows (I donít know if you plan on separate categories for Constructs and Outsiders; if not, I suppose the Scarecrow and the Shadow Demon could be lumped under the Animates):
I love doing these old school monsters. If anyone out there has any requests for a particular favorite 1st/2nd edition creature, let me know, and Iíll see if I canít cobble something together.


P.S.: I should probably re-do the Githyanki; his bottom half is way too short.
Thanks Tannhaeuser, I finally finished adding them to the collection on the front page.

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I also am up for any requests. I'm trying to have these guys for use in my campaign so I find most of my lunch hour is spent looking at ideas and drawing them up.

Does anyone have the svgs for these? I'd love to be able to edit/tweak some of the elementals (color swaps mostly).
Hmm.. I'm always looking to add to the collection of iconic creatures for D&D. I'd love to see some new dragons or some various humanoid creatures (lizardfolk, gnolls, etc). Really I'll take whatever you're interested in making.