Nice post on the goblins.

Hey, another idea on naming the forest goblins - just call them forest goblins! Yeah, they probably have their own name for themselves so you still want to come up with something for that, but to most of the humans and elves and other races they're just "goblins" even though they are totally unrelated to the true goblins that you have just described.

Kinda like Europeans coming to the Americas and calling the people that lived here "Indians" because they originally thought they'd found the East Indies, and even when they knew better the name just stuck because they didn't really care.

Or more precisely, like the "Orcs" in one of my worlds, where there are actually two completely unrelated species that most non-Orcs just refer to collectively as Orcs, even though they are obviously not the same (in brief, Cave Orcs are green w tusks etc, live underground, typical D&D orcs; whereas Plains Orcs and Forest Orcs are surface dwellers descended from Neanderthals). To the humans and others it just doesn't matter, they call them all Orcs.

Anyway, just a thought as you've now posted about real goblins, but are still referring to the other unnamed unrelated people as forest goblins.