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    Default Re: World of Warcraft XIII: Even Aspects Get Nerfed

    Grats on H Ultraxion, Karoht. The "skittles boss" is probably a more fun boss to work on than Hagara. Good luck on getting your next kill. :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Karoht View Post
    If you want to practice for H Yorsahj, do normal Yorsahj but don't kill slimes. It's pretty much the same fight, and will present you with the same sets of problems.
    One noticeable difference: on heroic he summons oozes more frequently, which means the phase where he actually does stuff is shorter. This means that on heroic more mechanics are involved, but over a shorter period of time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny of Faith View Post
    You went for Heroic Ultraxion before Hagara or Yorsahj? This seems kind of odd, although my guild has some fairly awful dps so that won't be happening anytime soon.
    It's pretty weird, but in 10H: Ultraxion =< Yor'sahj < Hagara, difficulty-wise (chart). It is rare for guilds to kill them in this order mainly because you're sorta stuck with nothing else to work on for the rest of the week. However, don't think that you lack the DPS just yet, since his DPS requirements are pretty lenient.
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