Interesting, though it raises some questions.

Assuming your world is roughly equivalent to the real world with the exception of magic, a 10 to 1 ratio feels pretty solid for normal-to-sensitive, but the numbers feel like they fall apart after that. As it stands, you'd end up with over 7 million mages across the globe and 70 million adepts (assuming ~7 billion world population). Unless I've got an incorrect view on the world (I'm comparing it roughly to the Dresden'verse), that seems like an excessive amount of both categories (77 million people capable of utilizing magic to some degree!). From what I've read thus far, I was under the impression that the numbers would be closer to 70,000 mages world wide and 700,000 adepts.

1 Mage
10 Adepts
10,000 Sensitives
100,000 Normals

Or only 0.001% of the population are mages.

On a non-numbers topic, but continuing the Dresden'verse comparisons, would Agent Tilly from Changes be considered a Sensitive or an Adept? What about The Alphas?

Don't let my nitpicking dissuade you, I'm very much enjoying the updates (and that you're keeping this thread updated), and I can't wait to read the book and the emails with Butcher!