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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazzardevil View Post
    I'd like something rather simple.
    I'd like a LA 0 race that has some fluff on the far realms seeping into either an individual or bloodline.

    Feel free to add anything extra you like, but I would like it to not be something bland like gain a feat or skill points.

    Mortals have such limited concepts of space, time, and causality. They are born, they move forward through time, they take actions which lead to effects, they sire offspring to continue their genetic legacy, and they die. Such curiosity that they might all function in such a way! It is not so for Zakain'hhai, whose existence human language strains to conform, although one might refer to it as a 'creature' from the Far Realms. It is, by mortal perspective, yet to be - it has birthed its children into a vast lineage backward through what the denizens of the planes perceive as time, so that they may one day unbirth themselves into their eventual ancestor.

    For much of the history of the Prime, Allochthons, the children of Zakain'hhai, will be of mostly human blood. They come into existence in the elderly years of their life, grow younger as time passes, and eventually unbirth themselves into nothingness. Once all the Allochthons of a generation have been unbirthed, their parents, consisting of a number of mortals and Allochthons, will come into being. Eventually, as the bloodline thickens, it will lead to the direct scions of the Old One himself. And then, as the world comes to its end, Zakain'hhai will be born into the world from his children.

    But that is a long way off yet (perhaps), and for now the Allochthons are merely thought to be humans with a certain otherworldly presence and odd way of thinking.

    Size: Medium
    Type: Outsider (Native)
    Speed: 30ft
    +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma, -4 Wisdom - Allochthons have minds that reach far beyond what lies before them. This can leave them somewhat lacking in common sense and situational awareness, but allows them to grasp new concepts readily. While their unnatural mien may be a little off-putting, it is nonetheless captivating and, potentially, terrifying.

    Unnatural Aging (Ex) - Allochthons age differently than other mortals. They come into existence when their children cease to be, at the Venerable age category. Once ~35 years have passed, they progress into the Old category, until they reach ~53 years of age, and become Middle Aged. At 70, they have no ability score modifiers based upon age, right up until they become children (unfit for adventuring) and are unborn.

    Alien Mind (Ex) - Allochthons simply have different wiring than what power drawn from this multiverse is used to working with. They gain a +2 bonus on all Will saves against fear, emotion based, or mind-affecting spells and abilities. In addition, all those whose magic touches the Allochthons mind (any spell that forces the Allochthon to make a Will save) brush against a deeper madness than any being of the planes is equipped to handle. Assuming the caster is not from the Far Realms themselves, they must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 character level + greater of Intelligence or Charisma modifier) or be shaken. If, for some reason, they cannot be shaken, or their fear cannot be upgraded any additional steps (they are at 'panicked' already), then they instead take (greater of Intelligence or Charisma modifier) points of damage as their body is eroded by the otherworldly touch.

    Mad Genius (Ex) - Allochthons gain a pool of bonus points that refresh after every period of sufficient rest, but no more often than every 24 hours, which may hold a number of points equal to their character level. By taking a swift action to think about the current situation, they may draw up to (greater of Intelligence or Charisma modifier) points from this pool, distributing these as +1 bonuses (which stack) on any rolls they choose until the beginning of their next turn (even though it is unrolled, they may also choose to boost Armor Class). However, every roll that gains a bonus from the Allochthon's Mad Genius ability is touched by their madness. They move and act in completely ludicrous or incomprehensible ways. A bonus on an Intimidate check might involve the Allochthon referencing people and events that they have no memory of, nor could have possibly witnessed. A bonus on a Knowledge (Arcana) check could dredge up knowledge the Allochthon has never learned. A bonus on an attack roll could mean swinging randomly at a point of space that one's foe simply happened to leap toward after the swing had begun.

    Favored Class - Warlock, Factotum
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