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    Default Re: World of Warcraft XIII: Even Aspects Get Nerfed

    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny of Faith View Post
    I don't frequent this thread enough to know that Karoht does 10H, so wasn't sure which he did - I do 25H, and am currently sighing as my guild bangs it's head against the wall on Heroic Yor'sahj.
    Some people opt to try Hagara (25H) before Yor'sahj since it's mostly just execution.

    Quote Originally Posted by Karoht View Post
    We have very solid DPS, but our cooldown options for Yorsahj aren't very good, and we're very melee heavy for Hagara which makes Ice Phase very very long.
    Now that you mention your cooldown options, what's your healing composition like?

    Quote Originally Posted by Karoht View Post
    For the record, even with the nerf H Ultraxion requires you to have 36k as an average DPS for all your DPS, this assumes that you 2 heal it and have 6 DPS. This is factoring in 2 tanks doing 16K each or higher.
    It seems that ~36k/player (250k raid) is the typical DPS that most groups kill Ultraxion with, though there are some rare parses with raid DPS as low as 230k (~33k/player). I would hate to do it with the bare minimum though, as the last minute of the fight is really shaky to heal.

    Quote Originally Posted by Karoht View Post
    Who we work on has more been a product of attendance as we have a tank who is starting to flake on us, and we have 3 DPS who are flaking on us randomly.
    That is quite a frustrating thing to experience, and I think I know it too well. :/
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