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Some people opt to try Hagara (25H) before Yor'sahj since it's mostly just execution.
It is. But if you're melee heavy the Ice Phase just takes for freaking ever to down, if you don't have a Hunter. Everyone seems to have Hunters, we don't have one.

Now that you mention your cooldown options, what's your healing composition like?
Me (Resto Druid) and a Holy Paladin. We have a Resto Shaman as well, but for most fights we two heal it, and the Shaman goes Enhancement. The Holy Paladin doesn't have a DPS spec and refuses to try, I also refuse to do so this late in the expansion (and the fact that I suck as a DPS). So for healing CD's we have my Treeform and Tranquility, we have Spirit Link if we're 3 healing it.
For Yorsahj, to get around Purple we've been having our Warlocks move their pets to the center and everyone stack, I Swiftmend the pet and everyone gets Efflorescence. It helps and doesn't build up stacks. This is when we can stack mind you. Usually on a Purple Red Black Combo. But things like Pally Divine Protection (2 pally's worth) and the tank's raidwide (4pc) Divine Guardian are very effective for that. It's the 'brutal damage' combo's where we fall down because all we really have is my Tranquility and Tree. I keep telling our Paladin to use Aura Mastery, I don't actually know if it is being used or not.

It seems that ~36k/player (250k raid) is the typical DPS that most groups kill Ultraxion with, though there are some rare parses with raid DPS as low as 230k (~33k/player). I would hate to do it with the bare minimum though, as the last minute of the fight is really shaky to heal.
That parse is what gave us hope for quite a while. Again, we went with our B rollout instead of our A Team and we just got it. Would have had it on the second attempt the other night, had we been able to go with our A team choices instead.