Anybody got a chance to mess around with the Ret pally bug before they fixed it? I wish I were on to see the ridiculous numbers. :P

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Me (Resto Druid) and a Holy Paladin. We have a Resto Shaman as well, but for most fights we two heal it, and the Shaman goes Enhancement. The Holy Paladin doesn't have a DPS spec and refuses to try, I also refuse to do so this late in the expansion (and the fact that I suck as a DPS). So for healing CD's we have my Treeform and Tranquility, we have Spirit Link if we're 3 healing it.
For Yorsahj, to get around Purple we've been having our Warlocks move their pets to the center and everyone stack, I Swiftmend the pet and everyone gets Efflorescence. It helps and doesn't build up stacks. This is when we can stack mind you. Usually on a Purple Red Black Combo. But things like Pally Divine Protection (2 pally's worth) and the tank's raidwide (4pc) Divine Guardian are very effective for that. It's the 'brutal damage' combo's where we fall down because all we really have is my Tranquility and Tree. I keep telling our Paladin to use Aura Mastery, I don't actually know if it is being used or not.
That's pretty similar to our comp (I'm a druid too), except we have a priest instead of a shaman. DK tanks are pretty good for this if you happen to have one but it is by no means a necessity.

That's a really clever trick there with the pet-Swiftmend idea by the way! Never would've thought of it. For Purple we assigned a group for each healer and call out if we plan to cross-heal and warn if someone is about to blow up. Abusing paladin Beacon and WoG to heal the tank means that the tank rarely blows up. I typically restrict myself to using Rejuv/HT/Swiftmend since they will heal for the most while causing as few stacks as possible; LB is helpful to keep up but not mandatory if your tank is covered. For Black we use a combination of initial tank aggro, Army of the Dead, and BoP to keep the adds off the healers and casters.

The heaviest damage combo is Red/Green/Yellow/Black (I assume that's what you meant?) and generally that's the best time for using BL/Hero and major raid CDs. Generally I will use a Tranq near the beginning and then use a damage reduction CDs after Tranq fades. I refrain from using ToL in order to save it for a possible 2nd RGYK combo later on.

Which ooze colors do you prioritize on killing? Ours is generally Yellow > Green but there are exceptions, e.g. kill Green during RGYK.