Jamil Machenan

Alias: Some people (Who know what he is) Call him "Son of Anubis". He hates this.
Gender: Male.
Race/Species: Demigod (Thinks he's human)
Age: 26
Alignment: True Neutral (In the sense that he doesn't care about your conflicts.)
Class/Profession: Mortician
Power Rating: A C- Right now, but if he ever gained true control of his full scale of abilities it could go to a B at least.
Description: Jamil is a slightly scrawny middle eastern man. He most often can be seen wearing his lab coat and being a bit unshaven: he often has stubble covering his chin. His black hair is a bit unkempt and always unstyled. He is skinny, but not a twig, as he has lean muscle built up from previous fights and adventures. His eyes are a pale greyish blue.
Personality: Jamil is a slightly exasperated man. He is fiercly protective of those he finds as friends, but other people... he really doesn't care. His line of work exposes him to tons of weird stuff (especially in the Nexus, where an average day could have someone dead by almost any means), so he tends not to be easily grossed out. He's not antisocial by any means, but gets along better with people who are dead.
Equipment: Jamil doesn't actually own any armor or many weapons. His normal combat attire is a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, but he does have a few artifacts he uses to make things more even for him. His twin sickles (secret gifts from his dad) can strike incorporeal enemies easily and are also always chill to the touch. If Jamil gains more control over his powers, he could make them emit extreme cold instead of their normal temperature. Jamil also has a sling he uses, which is a bit more accurate than normal, and a pair of worn, yet tough, sandals which grant him enhanced speed.
Abilities: Jamil's primary ability is to commune with the dead. He can see ghosts and speak to them just like if he was speaking to someone who is alive. He can also calm them more easily than normal people. (This is due to his latent ability to command the undead. He does not know about this). He has several other latent abilities revolving around spirits he does not know about as well.
Backstory: Jamil lived in Cairo, Egypt, where his mother worked at a local museum as a mummification specialist. He was concieved when Anubis decided that she was the perfect girl for her (the 115th to be exact). He grew up seeing ghosts, and figured out that his abilities are supernatural in origin... but he refuses to believe his father is Anubis (he doesn't believe in gods to a ridiculous length: he thinks any gods he meets are actually sufficiently advanced aliens who convinced themselves they were gods.) Eventually, somehow, he ended up working in one of the only morgues in the Nexus (he has no idea how), and grew to tolerate his weird job.
Miscellaneous: Jamil may be followed at any time by a few different ghosts: Jack Spin, a 1920's mobster, M'Wabi, a 17th century african native, and Brom, a 13th century Irish warrior. More may be introduced later.