Old GLoG Drone

Gender: Feminine Speech Pattern.
Race/Species: GLoG Drone.
Age: However old the original GLoG drones would be.
Alignment: True Neutral
Class/Profession: Drone
Power Rating: 1
Description: Round flying machine with glowing eye. It has a special door to hold today's cake of the day.
Personality: Friendly. Wants everyone to have a delicious slice of Miss Lex's cake.
Equipment: Broken alignment scanner. Siren for alerting GLoG members of evil aligned trouble-makers.
Abilities: can serve cake, scan alignments, and alert GLoG of enemies trying to enter GLoG premices.
Backstory: One of, if not the last drones from the old GLoG. After long being buried and forgotten, it has finally made it's way to the surface, and somehow found it's way "home". And even though it knows this is GLoG, it doesn't realize it's not the same GLoG. There must be a glitch in its system.