As Bugbear sways back and forth, exhausted from the long battle, still having trouble focusing, he tries a new tactic with the dragon. The grappler feints with an overhead swing then steps to the side and sweeps his leg under Krakkael, trying to knock him off balance.

Move Action: Shift to I7
Standard Action: Knockdown Assault against Krakkael
  • Attack: (1d20+9)[12] (-2 included) vs Fortitude
  • Damage: 5 damage, and Krakkael is knocked prone

Krakkael is marked by Bugbear

(If successful) Relevant Features and Feats:
  • Iron Body Ki Focus Property: Bugbear has resistance 3 to all of Darter's attacks until the end of Bugbear's next turn

Save vs attack penalty: (1d20)[7]

HP: 46/51 | Surges: 5/10
AC: 23 | FORT: 23 | REF: 15 | WILL: 15
Conditions: -2 to attacks (save ends)