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    Feeling victory near at hand, Mel draws strength from the stones at her feet and erupts with primal energy all around her, hurting her enemies and helping her friends. The wave of energy slams into both the giant lizard and the lizard amn.


    Move: none
    Minor: none
    Standard: Stoneskin Clash, close burst 1
    Attack vs L2 AC - (1d20+12)[31]
    Attack vs D AC - (1d20+12)[30]
    Damage - (1d8+7)[11] and allies in area get resist 5 all damage until end of my next turn (just Viola)

    Free Action: Mark L2

    HP: 28/65 | SURGES: 6/13
    AC: 20 (21) | FORT: 19 | REF: 14 | WILL: 18
    Conditions: BLOODIED (regen 5)
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