Should probably make one of these finally, soooooo,


Eventually she may have a last name. But for right now, um . . . uh . . . LOOK! A DEMONIC DUCK!

Gender: Female

Race/Species: She's very, very quick to assure everyone that she's completely, 100%, totally human! Honest! . . . *nervous grin*

Age: About 19ish.

Class/Profession/Thingy: Well, she bashes stuff with a shield. And stabs stuff with a pointy-stick.

Power Rating: Hmmm. Unless/until something *coughcoughRacecough* happens, she's not much more than a well trained human fighter, with slightly more strength than she probably should have. (Not enough to, say, punch tanks to death. Just enough to seem slightly off.)

Description: She's right about 5 foot 8" even, with blue eyes, lime green hair (!).
She's fairly scrawny, and always seems to wear long-sleeved shirts, and full length pants. Generally, her shirts will always have collars, too.
But usually she can be found in her fairly spikey armor.

Equipment: See above links. Besides that, she has a fairly plain looking metal shield, and an equally plain looking sword.

Abilities: Well, she's pretty good at blocking with the shield, and can move surprisingly fast in the fairly heavy armor she's wearing.

S'all for now. More will come as she develops, as there's plenty I want to put down, but I don't want to yet, for fear of rushing the development.
Heck, I can't even finish the description.