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    Alias: Well, technically, Naku's not her name, but she woke up here and discarded her old name.

    Race/Thingy: Human turned vampire.

    Age: About 22, 23ish.

    Class/Profession: Bartender.

    Power level: S'a tricky one, really. Back home, she'd be considered very, very weak. In the NEXUS, who knows. She was turned by a Royal Vampire, and even their weakest can still make the other horrors in the night quake in fear; and as she drinks more blood, she's just going to slowly get stronger.

    Description: She's tall, at just over 6 feet, with floor length dark purple hair, red eyes that look like orbs of blood; fangs that are only really visible when she smiles, and she has a pair of tiny scars on the left side of her neck.
    Also, here's a picture!

    Equipment: Beyond just clothing, she has a rifle of sorts hidden under the bar.

    Abilities: Who knows. She hasn't had reason to do anything.

    Backstory(!): The island nation Naku used to live in was, to put it simply, not doing terribly well. The sun had been blotted out by ever-present clouds, creatures of darkness walked the streets, killing anyone stupid enough to be, well, anywhere the monsters felt like being.
    No one was sure where the creatures came from, and knew just that there were zombies, ghosts, banshees, spirits that could possess you and turn you against your friends, werewolves who could be anywhere and anyone, and a multitude of others. The worst of them all, however, were the vampires.
    The undisputed Lords of the Night, the vampires kept their hold over all the dark by raw power.

    Naku grew up in this world, learning from the time she could hold a stick how to fight, how to see through the darkness, and if need be, how to die to save her friends.
    Sadly, her first expedition after finishing her training ended in disaster: Everyone from her group, save her, dead; and she had been bitten.

    After an hour or two of wandering, lost, hurting, and confused, she blacked out, to wake up in the DFI . . .
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