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    Default Re: World of Warcraft XIII: Even Aspects Get Nerfed

    So. 64 bit client. Today I finally gave it a proper stress test in the form of LFR. I have to say that the improvements was very noticeable, and I'm not even running 8gb RAM. Still, everything ran very smooth. Speaking of LFR and noticeable improvements, after a string of unfortunate rolls over the past few weeks I finally got my second piece of T13 for my ret spec. Using only my self-buffs (BoM, Seal of Truth) I immediately saw my DPS jump by over 2k. With retribution being my off spec it had been kind of hard getting gear for it, especially the tier pieces, so I had been lagging behind a bit compared to the main spec DPS.

    ~edit: So close. So damn close. After quickly dispatching Ultraxion, Blackhorn and Spine tonight, we made ridiculous progress on Madness, especially considering the fact that we had to bring in a somewhat undergeared boomkin out of standby. On three of our pulls we actually got Deathwing down to below 5 million health, 1.2 million on our most successful pull. There's no way we're not going 8/8 tomorrow night.
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