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    A harsh, bleating horn heralds the appearance of a burly, battlescarred goblin. Around him, kobolds scurry as if afraid to get too close. A great tattoo depicting a skeletal rams head marks this goblins face. He wears a wolf fur cloak and a chain shirt, and he wields a battleaxe in both hands.

    As the Goblin charges forward, he brings one of his axes to bear with deadly accuracy against Draziw. The wizard falls to the ground as the Goblin stands over him.

    Valandil Heals Crane for Surge +2

    Move: to D18
    Standard: Charge to B16 and attack Draziw @ 29 vs AC CRIT, dealing 7 after DR

    Draziw is now unconscious and dyeing

    It is now Thyrns turn.
    Dawn and Kourni are on Delay.

    Initiave :
    Round : 8
    T: 18
    Q: 24
    Draziw: 22
    W: 22
    D: 20
    S: 18
    Kourni: 13 DELAY
    Valandil: 7
    I: 6
    Dawn: 17 DELAY
    Thyrn: 3 <-----------Active Player
    Crane: 5

    Monsters status :

    (E4) Q1 : DEAD
    (K6)D1: DEAD
    (M13)S1: DEAD
    (I6)T5: DEAD
    (F21)Q2: BLOODIED

    Players Status
    (B10) Thyrn : 30/30, TEMP HP: 0, Healing surges : 8/10, AP: 0 DR5 (Valandil)

    (C10) Valandil Seralonde : 18/23, TEMP HP: 0, Healing surges : 5/5, AP: 0 DR5 (Valandil)

    (A15) Draziw : -4/22, TEMP HP: 0, Healing Surges : 4/7, AP: 0 DR5 (Valandil), BLOODIED, Immobilized UENT (D3), Unconscious, Dyeing, prone

    (I5) Kourni Mistcaller: 24/30, TEMP HP:0, Healing surges:11/11, AP:1 DR5 (Valandil), DR2 (Kourni)

    (C15) Weeping Crane: 10/27, TEMP HP:0, Healing surges: 6/10, AP:0, BLOODIED, +2 to attacks UENT (Valandil)

    (A18) Dawn Sunstorm: 21/31, TEMP HP:0, Healing surges: 12/13, AP:1 DR5 (Valandil), +2 to all Def (Total Defense), Slowed UENT (D2)

    Combat Map :

    Combat Map
    Illumination: Bright Light
    Trees: Do not hamper movement but do provide cover
    River: Does not hamper movement except for squares that also contain rocks which are difficult terrain
    Waterfall: The 5 squares between the rocky outcroppings are difficult terrain
    Sacred Circle: Unknown
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