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    Alias: Ven

    Name: Venthiar

    Gender: Male



    Alignment:Lawful Neutral

    Class/Profession: Assassin (?) -Closest thing I suppose as far as powers go

    Power Rating: A 13 if using Quinsar's scale, or a C+ if using Neon's scale.

    Description: Wears a full set of very dark-blue cloth armor complete with a hood + face-mask combination which covers up to his nose. Wears black boots + white trim as with the gloves, armbands, and shoulder pads.Has a white tabard with red symbols and writing strewn about on it, with the noticeable feature being the large eye towards the top. Has light brown hair and emerald colored eyes. Complexion that of a Hylian.

    Personality: The most prominent trait of Venthiar is his dutifulness. Job before anything else. If he promises he will do something you can count that he won't back-stab. Failure is also not an option with Venthiar. Being thoughtful and cautious is also a staple of his personality. Impulsiveness in a character is a drawback in his opinion. One of the things you can't call Venthiar is callous. Being a traditional Sheikah, he doesn't think highly of vulgarity. While generally aloof, he doesn't protest interacting with others in the slightest.

    Equipment:A single-edged sword (looks like a Chinese Dao Sabre) slung over the back, two serrated daggers on his belt, smoke-bombs (limited)+ throwing knives (limited) + vials of poison in a bag, a sack full of odd gems which it's worth is unsure (rupees), shadow-resistant armor, and the Triforce of Wisdom.

    Abilities: Being amongst the rather skilled of the Sheikah, Venthiar has several notable abilities, and some not so obvious. Can teleport into any area of shadow in the nearby vicinity from up to 50 yards away, becoming essentially one with said shadow. Has the power to become invisible for a limited period of time but gives himself away upon attacking and only has enough energy to use it once a day. Can temporarily blind a person by using a special blinding poison. Silent to the point where only someone with hearing-enhancement technology could hear him. Knows how to treat moderate poisonous wounds. Expertise with bladed melee weapons, but terrible with maces/clubs/etc. He is also known to be a very perceptive individual, noticing things most people wouldn't.

    Back story: Venthiar was raised in one of the more famous Sheikah clans. It was his duty, like any Sheikah's, to become skilled in combat in order to protect the Queen of Hyrule - Zelda. His Sister and Mother were killed when he was only 9 by Ganondorf who had staged an invasion on the kingdom. Though he was defeated by a hero clad in green, his influence could still be felt for many years, the death of his family members included. When he turned 18, Venthiar finally became a full-fledged guardian to the royal family of Hyrule. Peace occupied the world for several more years until an usurper named Onox attacked with a host of marauding moblins. Caught outside of the city with limited bodyguards, Zelda was in severe trouble. She turned to Venthiar and told him to take the Triforce of Wisdom and retreat back to the castle. After a moment of deliberation he complied reluctantly and began running back to warn the army. A strange flash happened as ran though - an odd purple crack in the sky opened up and sucked away the stunned Venthiar....

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