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    Your Name: Karen
    Available for Campaign: Yes
    Contact Information: Private Message
    Posting Frequency: Several Times Daily, with the occasional disappearance for up to three-four days(Terrible signal in Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado)
    Systems Known: D&D (3rd/3.5/some 4E), ShadowRun 4, D20 Modern, Fudge, Star Wars D20, PTA
    Campaign Types: Light Humor, Intrigue, Subterfuge/Infiltration, Epic Fantasy
    Games Run: All live P&P
    Current or Future Games:Smugglin' Run OOC; Shadow of the Truth OOC; Dark Secrets and Dirty Lies OOC
    Preferred Style: Role over Roll
    Ideal Character: I normally focus on stealth/puzzle/mental feat/hacker types. I'm actually not too big on Mages.

    I am a Chaotic Evil Dwarf Sorceress (4th Level)

    Ability Scores:
    Strength- 11
    Dexterity- 16
    Constitution- 14
    Intelligence- 16
    Wisdom- 17
    Charisma- 14

    Quote Originally Posted by RandomLunatic View Post
    Just remember the 1st rule of adventuring: Fire and explosives solve everything.
    Smugglin' Run -SR4-: Tech_Rat

    Dark Secrets and Dirty Lies -SR4-: Malik Sawyer

    Shadows of Truth -PTA-: Tori Livingston

    Tori and her Eevee Cap By Telasi. Eevee sprites shamelessly added by me, with his permission to modify his work.

    Tech_Rat also by Telasi.

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