I've been working on a Death Knight in my spare time (late at night into the wee hours of the morning when my latency is actually tolerable) and I finally got him to 85. I've been doing battlegrounds to turn the honor into justice points to buy gear to tank with since I leveled him as blood and I truly loathe playing unholy and frost because it seems like I'm pushing random buttons than any actual rotation (especially frost) and I like the comparatively simple blood. I even want to try actual tanking on this character.

Only problem is that as soon as I try going into normal dungeons (as I respect that I need to go through the proper chain of events and not jump into heroics straight away), I'm always, without fail, grouped with people who are locked onto the instant gratification idea that they shouldn't be forced to run with a new tank because they are so rushed to get to 85 and have even been called "scum of the earth" because I DARED to actually learn something.

Well, I had enough of those griefing sessions in which I either got kicked after they abused me while I tried to defend my point, or I just left because of all the horrid things being hurled at me.

I am now trying to get premade groups with my guildmates but they are always busy when I'm not, or vice versa. Awkward scheduling ftl.

I really wish I could convert conquest to valor because then, as ridiculously slow as that process might be (I don't do rated bgs nor do I arena), at least I'd have some sort of chance at getting improved gear to help my eventual goal of tanking.