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Those numbers feel a lot better. Particularly once you factor in the fact that only 10% of mages are involved and active members of the magical community.

I'd suggest figuring out how many of those 9 out of 10 mages actually died instead of just leading "normal" lives, as that could certainly be relevant at some point.
True. I'll think on it.

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On a different note, are the articles in the Encyclopedia Arcana being presented by someone in-universe, or are being presented from your omniscient author point of view? Because if these articles are being presented from in-universe (say by a legendary book or scholarly mage) then you've got some wiggle room as they could be slightly misinformed about how things work. But if you're presenting these articles yourself, then the information presented is 100% certifiably correct.
Sort of a mix between the two. It's intended as info I present myself, but it takes its name from a reference book in the universe. I think in this case I'll just edit the article once I've finalised the numbers.