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So, turns out I was a little premature in announcing the incoming Madness kill brag. We got ridiculously close several times tonight, but it seems we are just a hair under the minimum DPS requirement. In the end we were pulling off some absolutely ridiculous feats on the final phase. On one pull the other tank and I successfully spread out to either end of the platform and let three Elementium Terrors dance back and forth. There's really no reason why we shouldn't be killing Deathwing with the loot of seven more boss kills coming in next Wednesday.
Tank them in the time vortex, you'll build stacks much more slowly that way. Also, you shouldn't be DPSing while Terrors or Fragments are up, those really should be priority targets. Don't try to DPS through this, as you have the increasing damage of Hemmorage plus the damage from Terrors/Fragments killing people.

It's a rhythem. Burn until Frags are up. Kill Frags, kill terrors, burn DW, kill frags, kill terrors, burn DW, Kill frags, kill terrors, burn DW. If you don't kill him on the third burn, yikes, you better have cooldowns.
Also, there is no reason why range and healers can't all stack near DW. Mark a spot. The only people who should be moving should be melee/tanks. This way everyone is stacked for AoE healing effects, Barrier, Spirit Link, etc.
Also, after frags are dead, people can hit "dream" at least once before you see frags again, twice if their timing is tight, and it should be back up for when frags start picking people for shrapnel again. Individual damage reducing cooldowns should also be happening at this point.

Aside from heroic progression we are working on the DW achievement this week. We're starting with Nozdormu's platform first. Then Malygos next week. Then Alexstraza, and we're done.