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    Quote Originally Posted by Swooper View Post
    Aha, I see... well, I guess that means I'm interested in seeing more information about the most powerful clans and their chieftains. I think they should be fleshed out a bit, seeing they are what the setting takes its name from.
    Over the ladt few days, I've done some work on what kinds of kingdoms I want to have in the setting, and even three days later I still like what I have drafted up, so I think it's good enough to actually flesh it out.

    So far, I have decided on 25 kings:
    e (elf), g (gnome), h (human), k (kaas), l (lizardfolk), f (female), m (male)

    Wood Elves
    Queen of the Southern Clanlands (ef Drd11)
    Queen of the Island Elves (ef Drd11)
    Sorcerer Queen (ef Sor10)
    Archdruid of the Southern Clanlands (em Drd10)
    King of the Northern Clanlands (em Rng6/Sor2)
    Queen of the Snow Elves (ef Sor8)
    Council Leader of the Northern Metropolis (ef Rng2/Sor5)
    King of the Northern Coast (em Ftr3/Rng4)

    Dark Elves
    Queen of the Jungles (ef Drd12)
    High Matriarch of the Mountain City (ef Ftr2/Pst8)

    Witch of the Northlands (hf Sor12)
    Dragon King (Old male red dragon)
    King of the River Valey (hm Bbn6/Ftr4)
    King of the Frozen Lands (hm Bbn7/Rng2)
    With Queen of the Northmen (hf Bbn1/Sor7)
    Lord Steward of the Crystal Caves (hm Ftr4/Pst4)

    King of the Gnome City (gm Ftr6/Rog3)
    Queen of the Forest Gnomes (gf Drd5/Rog3)
    Gnome #3 (gm Ftr8)
    Gnome #4 (gm Ftr2/Rog5)

    Lowland Clans King (km Bbn4/Ftr7)
    Mountain Clans King (km Ftr10)
    Primarch of Unity (kf Drd6/Rng2)

    Sun King (lm Ftr10)
    Canibal King (lm Bbn7/Rog4)

    The levels range from 7th to 12th, which is not suprisingly as kingship usually does not go simply to the eldest son, but to the most capable of the close relatives of the former king. And if the successor is not strong enough, one of the kingdoms other chieftains might want to take over the position. In some cases, the ruler is simply an individual powerful enough to force a handful of clans into service, but those kingdoms rarely survive much longer than the founder. There is still room for a couple more, if I come up with a good idea, or someone brings one to me. I think these kingdoms include about one third of all the people belonging to the PC races.

    From here on it's writing down what I already have decided about the kingdoms, describing the places where the courts are located, mentioning the chieftains in service of the kings, secondary settlements of the kingdoms, and then I already have pretty much an entire setting. A few religions, organizations, and ruins thrown in, and it's done.
    And then it's all about editing. Cleaning up badly written texts, inserting names and references for things I've created later in the barbaripedia pages, and organazing all the links to other pages. Which I think can easily get me through the rest of the year.
    Having ideas is actually easy, but it's these stupid names for people, kingdoms, settlements, mountains, and rivers, that I assume will eat up easily half of the creatve process. So I better also start with a basic dictionary for the main language groups, grom which I can take pieces to put together into names that you can connect to a tribe just by the sound of them.
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