I love the work you guys are doing, but I have one criticism. Please stop with all the OOTS shoutbacks. First it was the explosive runes, then Roy in the inn, now the "trees are attacking" bit.

It actually is really annoying because it breaks me out of the story in a way that no other joke does. It also continues to emphasize connections between Anti-Heroes and OOTS in a way that I think undermines the integrity of your own story - instead of the story being your own, it seems increasingly dependent upon Rich's and the popularity of Rich's strip. Anti-Heroes owes a lot to OOTS no doubt, both in terms of art and audience, but have a big neon sign flashing over the fact all the time makes your story feel more like fan-fic than a story on its own merit.

Anywho, that's my little rant, but seriously please stop. Everything else you are getting right but the sheer number and overtness of OOTS callbacks is really dragging it down a bit. They aren't funny either, they are just sort of there, as in "Oh, yeah. That was an OOTS reference."