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C 707
What levels does it need to be viable at? Red and gold dragons are already available big for characters of level 17-18, but obviously that's a bit high. Yet the same dragon is CR 7, so maybe if we limit its equipment and ability scores below a normal cohort it could be fair for a level 9 or so character.
Right now the party is sixth lvl, reasonably-to-highly optimized depending on class. (New Player had lots of help with doing a "Hulk Smash" style Barbarian/Warblade. Right now were expecting her to dip Exotic weapons master next level after I showed her the trick for Double str to damage, and the Dm gave just about everyone weapons focus cause he thinks it's a flavor feat. Player is still debating options beyond that point, though a dip of cleric for Mobility and Unarmed Swordsage for having a couple of emergency counters always ready and the flavor of being really big and throwing stuff around have been considered.) Player's base size is Large, and I (Party Wizard and playing at a more passive optimization level so that the DM actually has a chance to challenge the party.) have been buffing her up to Hugh for Combat were situation allows.

So, yeah, she's a fairly new player, and has become very taken with the idea of a dragon mount since she LOVES Dragons to begin with. So were trying to find something worth while to give her to cater too that.