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    The Training Ground

    Since she couldn't very well follow through on her implied threat and cut her brother's throat, Nieve opted to push him back down by the simple expedient of kissing him. Forcefully. Thoroughly. Enthusiastically. Neither of them had to feign breathlessness by the time they broke off.

    "I think I have a proper punishment in mind," she said, now snugged firmly against his body—but only for a moment longer. She twisted free and sprang to her feet in a single sudden motion, coming to rest a few feet away with Shirvan's sword in one hand and his belt in the other. "More lessons! Real ones, I mean, with swordplay. I'm sure you can teach me more than how to take advantage of unsuspecting young maidens such as myself." She grinned slyly, and motioned for him to pick up the blade he'd dropped during their brief 'wrestling' game.

    "I suppose you'll need this back if you're to fight," she mused, looking at the belt in her hand. "Pity, I'd have liked to keep it as a trophy. I'll let you have it for now, but I warn you, I shall expect it back one of these nights." Another grin.
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