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    on the way the Dinning Hall with Haramhold.

    Rumel got that glint in his eye again. His ever spinning, whirring, and calculating mind had stumbled on something. He started dashing full tilt in the direction of his personal workshop.

    You go on ahead without me,” Rumel yelled to his brother without turning, “I’ll catch up or something maybe-I-have-an-idea-I have-to-try-won’t-take-longbutyouknowhowthesethingsgo BYE!”.

    With a with a leap and a click of his heels, a set of wheels pop into place from the soles of Rumel’s boots. He skated along on his ‘emergency long-distance spatial repositioner MkIIIs’. Predictably, not having the grace of his more athletic siblings, he did not arrive at his destination so much as collide with it. A design flaw consistent in all models to date, but he couldn't spare a moment to look over his notes for the MarkIV model now.

    He had lamented there was no time to build his own ship, but he saw now those were the lamentations of a dullard! True, there was no time to build anything from scratch, but any witless drudge with the slightest imagination could look in here and see that was unnecessary!
    It was all in his workshop waiting for him. The large armored oval of his ‘Jongo-proof chemical locker MkXI’ would make an ideal hull! With the backfire compensators disabled, the ‘high yield refuse disintegration system MkII’ could operate as an effective thruster! Bits and pieces of various projects over the years could be fashioned quite handily into guidance apparatus!

    But he would have to be quick. Sadly, it would only be large enough for himself and maybe one other, but he’d feel much safer aboard Father’s insane Flying Coffin Made of Blasted Gold(why not build our blasted flying machine out of lead while we're at it?) with an emergency backup. Granted, said backup would have to be cobbled together in half an evening, held together with spare bolts, chewing gum, and the power of positive thinking, not to mention the 64.8173% likelihood the rig will violently explode on activation, but blast it all that’s a small price to pay for a little piece of mind!
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