The Bioclaw Clan

One day, Zarakkan decided to create a clan of bio-engineered catfolk ninja.
He calls them the Bioclaw Clan. They don't seem to be ninjas in a realistic sense, and seem closer to a bunch of reckless assassins with supernatural powers and magical martial arts, indicating that Zarakkan has probably been watching too much anime recently.
There are a few ranks:
Oneclaw: Rank 3 or C
Twoclaw: Rank 4 or C+
Threeclaw: Rank 5 or B
The Overclaw: Rank 6 or B+

Oneclaws are just catfolk with normal ninja kung fu and stealth capabilities, with no true supernatural powers but can nevertheless do anything that is the
pinnacle of natural abilities
Twoclaws know some actual supernatural powers, able to do anything an action movie hero can do and are capable of minor supernatural powers such as being able to walk on walls or be able to survive falls they shouldn't, subtle things like that.
Threeclaws actually know some obvious supernatural powers, often able to command a single element in battle, turn themselves invisible or some other specialized use of magic
The Overclaw is the leader, and knows powerful magic to help him/her fight, but keeps his/herself secret. The Overclaw also knows more weapon styles than the others. The Overclaw in general hides in the shadows, waiting for the right time to intervene, but leaving his Clan mostly to themselves as he watches them. The Overclaw is mysterious and perplexing.

The Trident IV Series

They are Zarakkan's giant mecha force. They are black-plated 30 ft tall humanoids, with blue X's on their chests and four round eyes in a diamond pattern.Unlike The Tridents one two and three series, the Trident IV Series is flexible, possessing two module slots for the Trident IV's or T4's to switch out powers and technology they have access to between missions. They can naturally fly, and all T4's have access to Morph weaponry that shapeshifts into any weapon that the pilot wants within reason.
A humanoid race typically pilots them in battle.
Their Modules are various, but their power level will never go above anything say considered….6 or B.