He watched his two siblings leave the Court of the Stars and felt greatly disturbed.

Jongo had been completely out of character and not at all what Khalen had been expecting. It had thought carefully and logically about its answers in the game, demonstrating a deep and piercing insight that was quite unknowable from his previous encounters with the creature. Yet it was the solemn speech from it at the end that had shaken Khalen to his very core, the final sentence echoing in his mind.

“For everything must change. Even the stars. Even we must change.”

Khalen hated feeling like this – confused, uncertain and unsure of even himself. He bowed in the direction of Father and left, his questions unasked. For how could Father help him if even he did not what was causing this crisis of faith?

Descending the steps, he crossed the plaza to the Well of Eternity, the darkness within like a silent whirlpool. Khalen gazed down up on the Great Disk and watched it slowly turn against a backdrop of stars and oblivion. Why was the Great Disk so important? Why had Father entrusted it to them, when they were little more than children? What were they to do once they were there? Were they to ensure it remained forever unchanged as Father had left it? Were they to shape and twist it as each saw fit?

Khalen began to feel dizzy and nauseous, his head beginning to ache as he slowly dropped to the ground.