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Cool, found a couple of new ones.
Glad you could use it! Out of curiosity, which ones?
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What do the other of you think about "descriptive" place names?

On the plus side, they are easy to make. On the downside, you need to translate them when you don't play in english. And quite often translated names don't sound as cool as the original. And I am targeting an international audience here, so that's something to consider.
I hear you. Icelandic, for instance, doesn't have the wide range of words for castles, fortresses, strongholds and so on that English has, for the simple reason that there aren't any forts here so there was no need for synonyms... So I ran into a wall when I tried to translate the name of a city I originally planned calling "Bastion"...

It works both ways, though! Sometimes a name sounds great in your own language but either becomes awkward or simply doesn't translate to English, and occasionally something sounds better when you translate it.
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I tend to a mixture of both. Actual names for places that have been parts of the local culture for a long time, and descriptive names for everything where the original name is not known or that are so remote that they had not been named until very recently, when adventurers started to visit them. That would mean actual names for the great forests, mountain ranges, rivers, and most old cities, and descriptive names for ruins, mountains, small lakes, caves, and so on, as well as Vandren settlements, since they were all made up on the spot when the people settled there.
I think you might be on to something here. Makes sense.
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And now that I think of it, I should also make words for "mountain", "hill", "fortress", and "pass" in wood elven, giant, and naga languages. That's always very cool when settings do that.
I suggest multiple words in each language for those things so you can vary it a bit, I think it'll feel more realistic. Not every mountain is called "Mount X", some are called "X-peak" or "X-ridge", and some will have a name without any part of it meaning "mountain". As long as there are enough mountains named by elves so each of the words meaning "mountain" is common enough. You can even decide what nuance each term has, maybe the elves have different names for pointy mountains, flat-topped mountains and volcanoes.