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    Quote Originally Posted by Swooper View Post
    I suggest multiple words in each language for those things so you can vary it a bit, I think it'll feel more realistic.
    Good point. I'm slightly afraid I might be overdoing all this, but then I guess most people will never see the amount of effort that went in it but only the result. And usually, such results just feel a lot better, even if you don't know why.
    Quote Originally Posted by Swooper View Post
    Glad you could use it! Out of curiosity, which ones?
    Let's cross check the old list with the new list. I felt free to change some spellings, since english speakers just don't know how to pronounce a proper J or W, and I might have gotten some ideas for completely new names which are now completely mixed up with those I took directly from the page.

    Bryndis, Eydis, Finndis, Mirya, Nyala, Salin, Sendis, Svea.

    And I noticed that Dragon Age, from which I took quite some ideas for the BL elves, already did use a couple of icelandic names for elven NPCs. That's probably what made me think scandinavian names feel right for elves.
    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
    Rich Burlew had some interesting suggestions on place-naming to reflect the history of a place, in one of his New World articles, I think.

    I'll see if I can find it and edit to add a link.

    Edit: Here it is: The New World Part 7: Names and Cultures.
    I've read that some years ago, but there are a few things that actually made me have good ideas right now. I think next thing will be making a list of things that need to be named and then sorting out which of the ancient languages got to name them.
    "Well, forget it, no apostrophes."
    That's sooo anoying. I completely failed at French, but seeing the de'Arnise family in Baldur's Gate II always makes me want to scream.

    Regarding the places that need to be named:
    Northeastern Sea (descriptive)
    Northeastern Coast (descriptive)
    Arctic Ocean (descriptive)
    Eastern Part of the Mountains in the North (descriptive)
    Western Part of the Mountains in the North (descriptive)
    > Fortress of the Mountain Kaas
    Central Pass of the Northern Mountains (descriptive)
    Tundra beyond the Mountain Pass (descriptive)
    > Main Town of the Surri (giant)
    > Fortress of the Ice Witches (giant)
    Highlands south of the Northern Mountains (descriptive)
    Hills West of the Highlands (descriptive)
    > Town of the Snow Elves (elven)
    Tundra of the Kaas
    > Gathering Place of the Tribes
    Arctic Bay of the Kaas (descriptive)
    Mountains beyond the Bay of the Kaas (descriptive)

    Great Northern Forest (elven)
    > City of the North (elven)
    > Town of Coastal Elves (elven)
    > Town of the Forest Elves (elven)
    Mountains in the Northern Forest (descriptive)
    Border Hills (descriptive)
    > Mountain Pass Keep
    Mountains South of the Border Hills (descriptive)
    > City of the Underground Elves
    Mountains on the Coast (descriptive)
    > Town of the Forest Gnomes
    Smaller Northern Forest (elven)
    > Town of the Elven Druids (elven)
    > Tree City of the Wood Elves (elven)
    > The Black Tower (descriptive)
    Great River (giant)
    Great River Valey (giant)
    > Crossroads Keep (descriptive)
    Great Plains in the West (descriptive)
    Inner Sea (descriptive)
    Inner Sea Coast (descriptive)
    > Crystal Caves City
    > Town of the Sorcerers
    Northern Islands
    > City of the Sea Elves
    > Smugglers Haven (descriptive)
    Southern Islands
    Outer Islands

    Southern Jungle Coast
    > Dark Elves Port (elven)
    Southern Jungle (naga)
    > City of the Sun Priests (naga)
    > Fortress of the Canibal King (naga)
    Mountains in the Naga Lands (descriptive)
    Mountains West of the Jungle (descriptive)
    Forest beyond the Mountains (descriptive)

    Which is a quite impressive list. And I have lots of ideas for each of them, I just need names to start writing.
    I kind of like Border Hills and Inner Sea, I think I leave them as that.
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