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Yep, the sensitive fraction was suggested by a friend for pretty much that exact reason - it made things more plausible.

Regarding the Council, it's in Britain because that's what it rules. :) This is one area where I've done things differently from the Dresden Files - mage government is mostly done on a national rather than an international level.
Ahh. Well that makes perfect sense then. The only thing I'd suggest is making that more obvious then, as it doesn't come across, at least in the entry. I assumed it was a world-wide governing body, not one nationally bound. Does that mean that Light/Dark terminology is generally exclusive to Brittish/Western mages, or are they universal terms?

On the note of national government, I would think that given the population most governing bodies would include more than a single country. For Britain it makes sense, given the history of the country and its connections to magic and myth, but particularly as you moved eastward I would assume that various ruling bodies would follow older boarders, rather than current ones.