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    Terral Ven

    Alias: Terral, also answers to Ven
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Keroren
    Age: middle aged for a Keroren, presumably late thirties?
    Alignment: lawful good, perhaps more lawful than good…
    Class/Profession: Battlefield tactical specialist
    Power Rating: D+? Not sure.
    Description: about 5’6”, has large fuzzy ears with black fur on them and black hair. Apart from that, a diamond-shaped nose, and a slightly different facial structure, appears to be largely human.
    Personality: Eager, creative, and personable. Needs to be solidified.
    Equipment: Has only brought his side arm and his smart hat with him.

    Side arm: A laser pistol, standard issue with the armed forces where he comes from. Not too powerful (often compared to a .22) but has a charging feature similar to modern emergency flashlights. You know, the kind that you shake to charge?

    Smart hat: a peaked cap with a small computer, calling and messaging capabilities, and a holographic display. Useful and stylish.

    Abilities: Military training and experience with a number of firearms, some experience with explosives. Training with liquid emitters and grenade launchers. Strong tactical sense. Specializes in using items to change the battlefield, like caltrops, mines, specialty grenades, holoprojectors, and sonic emitters.
    Has retractable claws, which have a potent venom on them. The venom causes intense pain, a burning that spreads through the body until it reaches the head, at which point it should cause unconsciousness. There is no antivenom for it, and no living creature has yet been found with a natural resistance to it.
    (If there is some question about the specifics of the venom, let me know! I've worked out a lot that I'm not putting here, because it would be too long-winded.)
    Backstory: Born on an average tech level planet, Terral finished his education and joined the marines. Through a series of events, hard work, creativity, and officer school he rose through the ranks and made a lieutenant and situational specialist. He became well-known as a small unit tactician and ambush specialist. He was in transit when a surprise weapon test realitally displaced him.
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