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    Quote originally by Demidos
    Aramar sat at the table as the cards were dealt. Deal me in he says, eyeing the cards (and their dealer). As he is dealt the cards, he glances at them briefly, and there is a very slight shimmer in the air about him. Then looks up at the rest of the group. As I understand it, a run of five consecutive high cards is quite good he says, gesturing with his cards at the three (consecutive) cards laid out on the table.
    With only the slightest hint of a smirk, he pushes a good third of his chips into the center. Raise, anybody?

    Looking across the table at Aramar, Haramhold glances at his cards subtly smiling to himself. "Well my dear brother I'll meet that bet and raise you another ten."

    Haramhold was running out of chips and needed a big pot to stay in the game. This was as good as hand as any, so he decided to try his luck.
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