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    Not much more to say than "Damn, I have naming things!" I've been sitting on this for over three hours and still have only a fourth of all the things named.
    Damn you!

    But for your entertainment, those small bits I already have:
    Storm Peaks: The mountains in the very North and East of the Barbarian Lands, that shield the southern lands from the Arctic beyond them. As the name implies, a very windy area.
    Storm Coast: The lands directly south of the Storm Peaks, that border the northern ocean.
    Frozen Sea: The arctic ocean.
    Korm Ran'hen: The wide valley between the Storm Peaks and the other great northern mountain range. It connects the Barbarian Lands to the arctic tundra beyond the mountains.
    Black Mountains: The third of the northern mountain ranges, located far in the west on the other side of the large bay of the Frozen Sea, that is the main body of water in the lands of the Kaas. Pretty much nothing is known about them, as the kaas rarely travel that far west and only see them in the far distance at good weather.
    Korm Enkad: The valley that connects the lands of the Kaas to the great forests of the Barbarian Lands. It lies between the bay of the Frozen Sea in the northwest, the middle northern mountain range in the northeast, and the Border Hills in the South.
    Border Hills: The long chain of low mountains that is the western border of the Barbarian Lands.
    Troll Hills: The southernmost parts of the Border Hills.
    Cloud Peaks: The mountains that lie east of the Troll Hills, south of the great forest, and north of the River Valley.
    Dragonspire Mountains: A chain of Mountains that reaches from the Inner sea far into the great forests of the Barbarian Lands.
    Kam Baran: The narrow gap between the Troll Hills and the Wyvernpeak Mountains, which connects the Barbarian Lands to the Great Plains in the west.
    Great Plains: The huge area of grassland that lies west of the Barbarian Lands, beyond the Border Hills and Kam Baran.
    Wyvernpeak Mountains: The mountain range that continues the Border Hills and Troll Hills south of Kam Baran, and form a barrier between the Great Plains and the southern jungles of the Barbarian Lands.
    Serpent Mountains: The mountains at the very eastern end of the southern jungles.
    Emerald Sea: The sea north of the southern jungles and south of the islands, that connects the Inner Sea to the eastern ocean.
    Burning Islands: The easternmost and most remote of the islands, that are home to many volcanoes and lie in the direction of the sunrise when seen from most points in the Barbarian Lands.

    Ken Hemir: An old giant fortress, now occupied by Surri sorcerers.
    Kumo Yarvi: Largest settlement in the Surri lands.
    Gen Manakan: The largest fortress city of the gnomes in the Border Hills.
    Gen Danan: Another gnome fortress city.
    Kesh Razaikan: Capital City of the lizardfolk.
    Kyasharin: Largest dark elven port city.
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