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    Bugbear throws his arms wide as his armour vanishes and he screams his lustful victory cry into the air.


    Then squatting down so he can stare directly into Krakkael's face, Bugbear pulls at his sideburns and glares at the dragon while huffing heavy breaths into his face like a lion playing with its defeated prey. "Maybe I don't care about the villagers any more, lizard... maybe I just want a new decoration for my bar?? Hmm?! You better start telling these nice people what they want to hear, and MAYBE they'll be able to stop me from twisting your head off!"

    Minor Action: Dismiss Summoned Armour
    Move Action -> Minor Action: Recall Summoned Armour (purely fluff, but in case actions are still important to track)
    Standard Action: Intimidate: (1d20+8)[28]

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