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    Name: Baldwin

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: (?) Appears to look late 20's/ early 30's

    Alignment: Evil

    Class/Profession: Reaper

    Power Rating: C+ to B-

    Description: Baldwin is covered in crimson/gold armor from head to toe, including a cloak and diamond-shaped eye patch that covers his left eye, and black gloves. This armor is very exquisite and finely made, making him look like someone of high status. He has golden blonde hair alongside brown eyes. His skin is an average shade of creamy white.

    Personality: This character is indifferent to people matters in general. Baldwin is eloquent and is known to have classy mannerisms when in conversation with others and rarely loses control of himself. He doesn't get angry very often, if at all, instead he is in control of his emotions at almost all times. Actually, it isn't exactly known whether Baldwin has emotions in the first place as no one has really seen him display them. Being stubborn is also a staple of Baldwin as nothing could make him stop himself if he became bent on accomplishing something. In this form he becomes incredibly dangerous to deal with and doesn't hold back his powers if someone persists. Traits that Baldwin admire most are determination, a strong will, and protectiveness of others.

    Equipment: Aside from his enchanted armor and his elegant scythe he has a rather large amount of funds at his disposal (20000), a dark-red orb, a pocket watch, and ruby necklace.

    Abilities: Baldwin is both an incredibly skilled sorcerer and and expert melee combatant. He can whirl his scythe into a deadly barrage of slashes or hurl an energy blast to knock his foe off his feet. The dark-red orb that he holds is a focus which can absorb harmful magic directed at him. There is a limited amount it can hold but it's uncertain how much exactly. After absorbing said magic he can use it to mend any damage he might have taken. That being said, the orb isn't exactly unbreakable, but it is certainly very sturdy. Baldwin can summon several portals around him in which he can enter one and emerge from any other one seemingly at random. In addition Baldwin can harness the power of fire and lightning to cast balls of energy at foes. His most notable ability however is that he steadily becomes more powerful with each person's essence that he absorbs.

    Back story: Baldwin was a god. With his brothers' and sisters' help he created an entire world. A thriving, beautiful world. It was a place where civilizations prospered and diversity of races existed. The drawback like any other universe was that occasionally these inhabitants would fight amongst one another leading to death and woe. This was just an effect of the greatest gift of all: free will. Baldwin hated when his creations went to war with each other but at the same time he loved how they could prosper in times of peace. His sibling deities disagreed however and said that free will was dangerous. They imprisoned him and stripped him of his power before removing the capability of free will from the world. With no other option Baldwin escaped through a portal he noticed that lead to the world of Nexus. Here he would regain his power in order to get revenge on his celestial family, and reestablish his authority once more. His only concern right now is seeking vengeance. Unfortunately for the Nexus the only way he can do this is by harvesting the very essence that exists within regular mortals...

    Miscellaneous: During the battle with his brothers/sisters he lost his eye due to an accurate energy blast directed at the face.
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