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    Slowly, but it's comming.

    Does anyone of you happen to be a geologist?
    It so happens that I looked over my geography and it happens that many of the features line up quite nicely. However, I am wondering if there are some things that just couldn't be where they are, and others that are absent where they should be.
    Here's a map with only the coastlines and mountains:


    At the red arrows, the land is pushed together, forming mountains. The mountains in the north are very big, those in the south not so much.
    There there also happen to be two gaps in the two East-West mountain ranges, which can be connected and then be explained by the whole continent slowly ripping apart in the middle, just as is the case in East-Africa.
    Now in the very middle of the whole thing, there is a small singular mountain range at a place where there should actually be a very wide valley. And I don't want it to be a volcano, because I want lots of caves in that area and lava would make things difficult. However, what could be an explaination is, that along the seam where the continent splits, the ground on one side is steadily sinking, while on the other side the ground remains stable and appears to rise far above the surrounding area. This should crerate mountains that are very steep on one side but rather flat on the other.
    South of the mountains with the double red arrows, I want a relatively flat area with low vegetation. This can be best explained by making it a highland that was carved flat by glaciers that came over the mountains and then crept south, which tends to form such landforms. After the ice receded, the two red arrows kept pushing together, restoring the very high and steep mountains, while leaving the land south of edge of the plates relatively flat.
    What I do have a hard time with is the hills that run North-South. They are also mountains, but not very high or wide. The same range also continues in the south at the other side of a gap, which continue a lot more south after the end of the map and are by far the biggest of the mountain ranges. Maybe everything to the West of the hills and the mountains is another plate that travels in the direction east. But would that be possible if the land east of the hills travels west? Or could that area even be stationary while on one side one plate is pushing and another is pulling away? It's a relatively small area on a global scale. Can you have a rift forming paralel to a mountain range that is forming under 1000 miles away?

    Too bad Geology doesn't play a major part in fantasy games. Based on this I could say that in the very North the, second and third mountain range have the same material composition and the same fosil deposits, while the first range in the very west is something completely different.
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