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    Quote Originally Posted by Yora View Post
    Does anyone of you happen to be a geologist?
    It so happens that I looked over my geography and it happens that many of the features line up quite nicely. However, I am wondering if there are some things that just couldn't be where they are, and others that are absent where they should be.
    Somewhere in my "useful game links" I have a site where a geologist/gamer went into huge detail with plate tectonics and drift and subduction and everything about making realistic continents and mountain chains for gaming purposes. I will see if I can find it and post it. It was way too detailed for me - I'm keeping that kind of stuff in mind, but going more with the "where I want stuff to go" moderated by "does this =look= realistic compared to the real world?"


    OK, I couldn't find it in my saved links, but I googled and I think this is it (at Cartographer's Guild). If not the same one, then it is the same kind of thing, very detailed plate tectonics etc by a guy who seems to know what he is talking about.


    Following some of the other links pulled up in that google search, I found this Wikipedia article on fictional worldbuilding that had some useful general guidelines in the Map Making section.
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