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    The Grand Kitchen

    Jongo turned around, and smirked to see the 'sammiches' on the plate. Picking up the plate carefully in both hands, she carefully began walking towards the Dining Hall. Still, a question was asked...

    "Father created you. I won't disagree with the name He gave you. Never. But sometimes... sometimes it's fun calling people something that they know means them when it's not actually their name. It feels wrong, but feels right. It's outside the norm... until it becomes the new norm. The spirit who called himself 'Nyyck' taught me that. So I guess 'Rodney'..." Jongo looked up at his brother, before leaving the Grand Kitchen, " a Nyyck-name."

    The Dining Hall

    Coming from the Grand Kitchen, Jongo pushed the door open and seemed to be carrying a plate full of some delicious looking Rolls.

    "Ladies and Gentleman! My dear siblings. A gift for your game. And a game for your gift!" Jongo smiled a happy smile, and looked over at Rose. She'd like this.

    "From the Grand Kitchen, I have newly made sammiches. The game is called: 'What's in the Sammich?'" Jongo put the plate on the table, and let everyone look at it.

    "As you see, there are 10 sammiches. Inside is a tasty morsel, from the finest part of the Kitchen. Some are filled with yummy cream. Some are filled with scrumptious meats. One or two have something that the Spirits assure me were made by Llassar himself to be absolutely delectable."

    Nodding at the scarecrow of a Head Chef, Jongo continued, "But one. One of these near identical morsels has what I call... a Jongo Pepper. Very tasty. Very nice. You'll like it... at first. But then it changes. It doesn't become hot. It becomes scalding! You'll be begging for liquid in a matter of minutes, and you won't be able to taste anything else for at least an hour. I'm very proud of it."

    Giggling madly now, the little human child plopped on the ground and looked up at her siblings.

    "And the best part? Even I don't know which one of these sammiches has it! Brother Rodney put them on a plate, while I wasn't looking!" Jongo is excited. It truly is random this way. Talking quickly, as he normally does, she went on. "So... I see you are playing Lossethir's game. Who has the most... what are they? Chips? I propose they get the first pick. Luck favors them, because there are more GOOD sammiches. But the lowest chip holder picks last... or not at all, because the Jongo Pepper may have already been eaten!"

    Standing back up from the floor, Jongo dusted himself off, and grew a few inches, so that everyone could see her. It lasted only for a moment, but the change in size was noticeable, as was what sounded like Jongo's serious voice saying, "So what do you say? You're already testing luck through those little... cards? Why not test it a bit further?

    Or... are you afraid of a few consequences for your choices?"

    Rules of play for this game are here. You can, of course, cheat... and risk going first.
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    I've only seen a character at anything resembling this level of absurdity thrive exactly once, and he/she/what-the-jongo had the advantage of being written by Gengy, who I look up to as a writer.

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