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    Default Re: The Dirge Symphonist [3.X Base Class, WIP, PEACH]

    A few dirgecastings are up for a general flavour of how I see the class progressing. It seems almost like... the Truenamer, actually If the truenamer could cast multiple effects at once, and was made of pure evil (numbers on a lot of these might have to be lowered, but when I look at it, it's generally sub-10 buffs/debuffs by level 20 access, and even a heavily optimized-realistic perform score should still have some difficulty with some more powerful 5-layered songs). I can just see a nobles' court finding themselves unable to run away, despite their obvious terror, as a particularly petty symphonist savours their groans and muffled screams as his gruesome cohort peels their skins off, inch by bloody inch... wait is that even gitp kosher?
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