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Dining hall
Frellon poured over the scroll of rules, sipping the ale the spirit had brought him. Eventually he rolles up the scroll and sets it to the side with a sigh, muttering under his breath. "I swear this game gets more complicated every time I play..."

Frellon listened to Jongo's proposition and had to admit, it made the game more interesting. Nodding to himself, a smile broke through his face at the thought of someone eating such a pepper.

Frellon leans forward, and addresses the dealer. "Deal me in on the next hand, please." He glances around at the other players, and their respective chip piles and faltered. "How do I get chips to start with?"

"Like so", says Aramar, flicking his wrist and causing a stack of chips to appear before Frellon. "The real trick is learning how to keep them there once you have them."