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    The Well of Eternity

    The sky was full of stars, yet one shone brighter than the rest as it slowly tumbled downwards. The sand beneath his feet coarse and biting. He turns, looking this way and that, searching for something he cannot remember. Yet all he sees is the desert, stretching into eternity. He calls out, yet no-one answers.

    Feeling the beginnings of panic, he runs, blindly, calling out again and again for someone, anyone. He stumbles and falls. As he tries to stand, he sees something in the distance. A spark of light, like a candle flame, twisting and dancing. He blinks and the flame changes to a young woman, dancing. She is beautiful and enchanting. He blinks again and the candle flame returns.

    A dark wind blows across the sand and the flame is snuffed out. He turns to look at the source - a huge sword, its blade jet black, devouring the stars as it swings down towards him. Just as the blade is about to strike, a colossal stone hand bursts through the sand and grasps the blade, shattering it into a thousand pieces....

    Khalen awoke to find a spirit hovering over him, watching anxiously. He slowly got to his feet, grasping the edge of the well. The dream was vivid in his mind and Khalen knew that it was important. Yet his was a world of logic and order; he did not know what to make of it. He resolved to seek The Weaver. Perhaps he would be able to provide some answers.
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