Llassar stared as Jongo walked out of the kitchen with his bounty, his mind refusing to believe what it had just seen. Only when he started talking did Llassar realize that this was indeed happening, and the terrible repercussions of Jongo being alone in the kitchen. "By Ban'Auran, it'll be the starfish incident all over again!"

Alright, well, Jongo had said The Weaver was there- Llassar had always like The Weaver. He'd known the value of a nice long sit under a big tree during a warm summer day. But if he had to choose a sibling to watch Jongo?

Llassar was out of his chair in an instant. He but a foot on a chair and vaulted right over the table, running for the kitchen at a dead sprint, one hand keeping his straw hat clamped to his head.

Throwing the doors opened, he screamed: "Status report! What are we missing!? Nothing's on fire, right?"