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    "I'll eat one...."

    Kalandor reaches down and grabs a sammich.



    The Lucky one rolls A one.... Well, I wanted that I't is lucky.

    ((OOC: Gah, I missed That, Spoiling for latter))

    And his face went. The brightest of reds, the only thing seperating him from a cartoon is the lack of fire and steam.
    "Houghi Siiiaagh!!!"
    And, If at all possible, that made it worse. But then again, anyone who eats chilli knows, dont breathe.... And then, to make matters worse, its an adaptive chilli made almost purely for the comedic effect of combining the effects of chilli and the ingesters powers...
    And Alan (The Spirit from before) laughs, clapping his hands on his legs "And to believe your the lucky one!" Roaring with laughter the spirit then says "Well, it really is BeLIEve!" The spirit slowly curling over, laughing at Kalandors plight and his own, not to good, joke.
    And the chilli finally links with his power, and it happens.
    It goes from his mouth to his hand, which goes bright red and somehow starts sweating, and the pewter mug of alcohol Kalandor was about to drink to deaden his nerves is suddenly slammed to the table to have his hand plunged in it.

    And that was just the start of a day that was (mostly) only going to get worse....

    "Ahh, my mistake. Well, I'll take that one first (The dentid one) if noone else takes it..."
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