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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Vale View Post
    "I'll eat one...."

    Kalandor reaches down and grabs a sammich.



    Frellon's attention shifted to Kalandor, whom he had been sitting next to, reaching for one of the 'sammich' rolls. Wait a minute..., he thought to himself. As Kalandor retracted his arm with the roll, Frellon neatly plucked it from his hand and deposited it back onto the serving plate.

    "Weren't you listening to Jongo, Kalandor? The winner of the card game gets to pick first! The runner up chooses second, and so on. We have to finish the game before we eat them." Frellon looks again at Kalandor, wondering if he had been drinking much before Frellon had arrived.

    His attention was returned to the roll he had whisked away from him. "Oh darn, I've gone and dented it." In his zeal to have what he saw as the rules of engagement upheld, It seems that Frellon had snatched the sammich a little too eagerly, his hand gripping it and breaking through the crust. Not enough to reveal it's contents, but enough to distinguish it from the others.

    If people take issue with the last paragraph I can remove it.
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