The Banquet

Jongo was disappointed that no one got to taste the Jongo Pepper. All that work!

But Tezzerin had come in, looked at the plate, and simply... smashed it! That was almost worth it.

And now they were all here, in the Court, and Father was here, and the Ceiling...

Jongo sat in his chair, and just looked up at the Ceiling. It was magnificent. The ever swirling change fascinated Jongo. She couldn't believe that this was the last time that they all might be in this room for, well, weeks! Months! Maybe even a year or more!

Being away from the Ceiling of Baz'Auran - from the White City, and all of it's neat tricks - was going to be tough.

Jongo just sat, and stared. Going into an almost trance. Absentmindedly, Jongo picked up and chewed an Apple.

It... it was the most delicious Apple Jongo had ever tasted. Sweet, succulent, and dribbly, but not so much that the child form that Jongo wore today couldn't lick the juices afterwards from his lips. It was so good, it brought Jongo out of her reverie with the Ceiling, long enough to ask a question.

"Father, are there Apples like these on the Disk?"