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    "I'll go next, I 'spose.

    "I am Keeva LeCor. K-E-E-V-A. L-e-Captial-C-o-r. I'm a tinkerer. An artificer. I don't much care for most magic users, as most of them don't understand what exactly they're doing. I do. I figure out magic. I weave it and put it objects. I made this little lens,"
    She says, pulling out her monocle. "Called an Artificer's Monocle. Lets me figure out what an item does in a few minutes- but that's besides the point. I'm a problem solver. A miracle worker. I can make things that would boggle the mind. And I was supposed to be heading to Raven's Bluff to do some private research; but we can see just how well that is turning out.

    "But more on point, that 'armorsmith', Magnus? Uses something known as Incarnum. Some rare thing that isn't even supposed to be real; 'Soul Magic', its called. And, again, rare thing. Isn't even supposed to be real. Every text I read was either some recount of 'A-man-who-knew-a-man-who-knew-a-man', or close to being a fairy tale. And that fine lady over there,"
    she says, pointing at Mirielle. "Is a decent holy-person. Two Shields of Faith and a Luminous Armor. I can do Shield of Faith too, but... not like she did, not that fast. I think I like her. She knows what she's doing."
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