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Thread: [4E] Heroes of the Feywild [IC]

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    Default [4E] Heroes of the Feywild [IC]

    It's a beautiful day in the city of Serestal. All seems peaceful, the people of the city going about their business as usual. The marketplace you pass through is as ever filled with all manner of stalls selling a truly mind-boggling array of goods. Here are weapons and perfumes, food and exotic fabrics, jewelry and dreams, memories and potions; and here too are a thousand people going busily about buying and selling. Eladrin and elves, mostly, dressed in bright colors. A hundred smells linger in the air, some making you hungry, others not so much. All seems normal, at least as far as normal goes in a fey city. Except for that letter, of course. And you've learned quickly since you came here that it's rarely truly quiet in the city.

    It takes a bit of doing, between the infuriatingly vague location and the mind-bogglingly strange directions, but you eventually find the ice fountain the letter mentioned near the marketplace. Now... How wide is a moonbeam? And exactly how far past the sun's zenith does Celestria plan to show up? For that matter, which direction? Fortunately you seem not to be alone in this, as several other people are walking around as well, and the fountain itself is marvelous to look at. It seems to be carved from pale blue ice that doesn't melt despite the strong summer sunlight, formed into graceful swoops and whorls, with basins at various levels that catch and allow to drain what seems to be an eternal, impossible miniature avalanche of snow. At least you won't lack something to look at, and you seem to have company. Several other people are wandering near the fountain, looking as though they're also searching for someone. Perhaps one of them knows more...


    So, this is the IC thread for the for now rather un-originally named game Heroes of the Feywild. :) Welcome!

    The OOC thread is here.

    The PCs are:
    Shadow_Elf - Baruk Blackhand, Half-Orc Cavalier
    Servbot - Tajal, Eladrin Warlock
    Condundrum - Dredge, Revenant Sorceror
    Twilight Muse - Tabita, Shadar-Kai Skald
    Lemonus - Sparrowhawk, Pixie Wizard
    Sol - Rumble, Genasi Berserker
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